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SCB-The Secret (Zeitfenster)

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Siciliano Contemporary Ballet explores the realm that lies beneath what we project. In two short pieces Salvatore Siciliano is working with his own imperative associations to create movement in space. Inspired by the two repertoire topics of Arlequin and Technetium he develops an evening that is secretive, surprising, thrilling and intense. 

Arlequin, this two-faced historical character of eclectic movement gives inspiration to the first part of the evening. He is grotesque, stubborn, foolish, smooth, and fast but never reveals his true self. He moves in urban surroundings where, through his lack of authenticity, he seems disconnected, unstructured, blocked, empty and on the verge of falling, much like the Urban lifestyle itself. Aren’t we all projecting, wearing a mask or being oppressed by secrets?
Technetium is a vision of the futuristic man. What does it mean to live in the future, in space, on a mission to somewhere? The head of the gender binary monster has long been decapitated. But whose head will grow up in its place? A mechanical monster’s or a human’s? The sheer force of existence will push for growth, development, endlessness, but will our relation to the machine allow it? Which secrets lie in the future? Will we be operating machines or operating as machines? Gendered or androgynous? In good company or alone? Anonymous or identifiable? Public or secretive?

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